Wednesday, June 21, 2017

First Day of Summer Means Butterflies!

Audubon Society's Rhode Island Butterfly Count is scheduled to kickoff this Saturday at locations on the East Bay (Don't be jealous West Bay'ers... your day is July 24th!)

East Bay Locations:  June 24th

Public (Naturalist-Led) walks will be conducted at Audubon's Environmental Education Center in Bristol, the Touisset Wildlife Refuge in Warren and Nockum Hill in Barrington.  

West Bay Locations: July 22nd
Public (Naturalist-Led) walks will be conducted at the following locations:
Audubon's Powder Mill Ledges in Smithfield
Fisherville Brook Wildlife Refuge in Exeter,
Newman Refuge in Smithfield  (Meets at the Powder Mill Ledges refuge)
Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge in Charlestown.

For more information or to register: Butterfly Count Info.  Please note that there is a fee of $15 for these naturalist-led programs ($10 for Audubon members).

Private Butterfly Counts: If you would prefer to conduct your own, private walk, you are welcome to do so! there is no fee, and we provide the checklist and training materials.  Please contact Jon Scoones at if you would like to do a butterfly on your own.  

  We have included several resources to help you:
  • To track the species you find use a checklist - Click on the 2017 RI Butterfly Checklist
  • For instructions, click on the 2017 Butterfly Count Instructions
  • To find a site near you click on the map of survey sites ... or find your own!  

For more information about butterflies, skippers and the annual counts see the category to the left: Butterfly Resources.

Be sure to photograph each species if possible, and return the checklist to Jon at or send it through the mail to Jon Scoones, c/o Audubon Society of RI, 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI 02917.

Thank you very much - I look forward to seeing you in the fields!

Jon Scoones