Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The 2016 Rhode Island Butterfly Report Has Landed!

With the rain pouring down and snow in the forecast, today seems like a great day to post the Audubon Society of Rhode Island's 2016 Butterfly Report !!  Perhaps reading the findings of all the hard work of dedicated butterfly observers will help us reflect on the warm summer days we spent traipsing through the fields counting butterflies, watching Red-tailed hawks circle overhead and picking out the different grasses.

To view the report look for the 2016 Butterfly Report under the heading of Butterfly Reports.

(If you are encountering broken links to previous Reports and other information we ask for your patience.  We have made some website changes and are in the process of re-establishing the links.   Please check back in a week.)

Thank you to everyone who participated last year; without your dedication and strong legs we would not have much data to share!

As noted in the previous blog, we covered a lot of territory across Rhode Island and even found more species than in previous years. Sadly the number of individual butterflies appears to be rather flat.

Please note that new butterfly enthusiasts are welcome... with open arms!   We provide training PowerPoints and love to connect people with the wonderful world of butterflies.  So if you have a friend who might be interested in helping in 2017, please invite them to view our blog and/or contact me with questions.

Stay warm!